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Create a unique brand that resonates with audiences


We specialize in developing purpose-driven brand message strategy. We use the right language to tell your authentic brand story and connect with
your audiences.

Brand Messaging services seattle marketing agency

A powerful brand message connects your customers to your organization

We develop compelling and distinct brand messages and brand narratives

Whether you’re a newly launching startup, an established company or a nonprofit, one of the most important tasks your executive team will face is developing a clear and differentiated brand message that communicates the value of what you do. It should answer the questions: What, who, how and, most importantly, why?

Without a simple, cohesive and sticky messaging framework, a single version of the truth, your organization will lack a consistent identity. And, it is likely that when asked what the organization does, each stakeholder will have a different response.

Brand Messaging services seattle marketing agency

A great brand message connects the heart and the head to drive action.


3 steps to creating a powerful brand message​

Using our unique 3-step-process, we can help develop a clear and distinct brand message that represents your unique brand promise.

Start with a big idea

Today, to win hearts and minds, every organization – for or not for profit – needs to tie what they do to a big idea that benefits our society in some way. Why?


Research shows that customers want to share a “higher purpose” with the business and organizations they support. The opportunity, therefore, is to build relationships based on shared values. Learn more about how to communicate your organization’s purpose.

Check your competitors

We want to ensure that your brand message is differentiated. That’s why we start by reviewing all the public-facing content available for your top three competitors. By understanding how your competitors talk about the value they deliver, we can carve out a unique position for your product.

Discover your value proposition

At the core of our brand message work is an exploration of the value that you deliver to the specific audience you are trying to reach. During a 2-hour workshop, we will help your team to systematically uncover the unique value your organization is delivering that allows you to realize your big idea. Finally, interviews with representatives of the audience you are targeting help validate key assumptions and ensures that your value proposition aligns with your target audience’s the experience.

Craft your message

The foundational work completed in the value proposition discovery stage is critical for crafting a value-driven brand messaging framework. As a final step, we work with you team to ensure that your new brand message speaks to the audience at both an intellectual and an emotional level.

The result is a compelling tool, a single version of the truth that your team will use as the foundation for all communications and content development. Learn more about how to create a brand messaging framework using your value proposition.

Brand Messaging services seattle marketing agency


Learn a step-by-step approach for developing a brand message for your organization that describes the unique value that you deliver.


Additional Services​

We identify brand promises, craft clear and distinct brand messaging and develop strategic positioning statements.


A review of your current messaging to identify whether it aligns with the value you deliver today and how consistently it is applied. 


Develop a brand that expresses the value you deliver and positions you in your market. This includes naming, logo development and brand guidelines for a purposeful, consistent expression of your brand. 


Develop a brand architecture that illustrates how your organization’s brands relate to each other.


Research and interview customers to identify the unique value you deliver to each of your industry verticals and develop industry-specific messaging.


Create detailed audience profiles to guide content creation and/or product development.


A guide that describes how your brand should be expressed across your platforms. It describes your brand’s unique personality.

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