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A song to inspire political engagement

Seattle activist-musician, Tae Phoenix, releases a new song and video to inspire voter turnout

Tae Phoenix

We are so honored to be a small part of a larger effort to get the word out about our client, Tae Phoenix’s song/video, “We shall not be Moved” which is based on and inspired by the famous African American Spiritual song of the same name.

A fierce and dedicated believer that our greatest task is to work towards a world where everyone is equal, Tae realized that she could use her talents to help energize and mobilize liberals in the last week before the election to get their friends and family to vote. The ultimate goal is to “flip the house” – i.e. vote to ensure that Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives. Read the press release here.

A national campaign to drive voter participation for the mid-term elections

Tae has launched a national campaign one week before the 2018 mid-term elections to use the song and video to raise awareness of The New Data Project’s Vote With Me app. This app which is available on IOS and Android devices, helps users identify the people in their lives who need the most encouragement to vote; whether that’s because they haven’t voted in the recent past or because they are eligible to vote in a battleground race where their vote could make the most difference.

And because of the realities many voters are experiencing across the country, Tae is also using the video to draw attention to resources available to voters from the national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition which is working to combat voter suppression and ensure equal access to the democratic process.

Who is Tae Phoenix?

Tae is a Seattle-based activist-musician. She has performed at the Village Theatre, The Paramount, Safeco Field, and Key Arena. She has played the SXSW music festival, toured internationally in Europe, and performed at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival. Tae participated in the recent protests against Brett Kavanaugh in Washington, DC. She was arrested (along with hundreds of other activists from around the country) for singing “Somebody’s Hurting My Sisters” outside of Senator Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) office, in front of the Supreme Court, and in the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building. She is active within a wide range of organizations including Indivisible, Poor People’s Campaign, Seattle Families Belong Together Coalition, and Women’s March.

Creating a powerful visual experience

The video that truly brings this song to life would not have been possible without the creative vision of the incredible Lara Lavi who co-directed and produced the piece with Wayne Rutledge.  Lara continues to astonish with the depth of her creativity and her passion for music. In addition to being a business and entertainment attorney,  Lara is an accomplished singer, songwriter and storyteller.

Lara is a master of bringing together a community of talent to support creative projects. The song was produced by her husband, Maurice Jones Jr, at Red Door Studios and Robert Lang Studios in Seattle.  The video was filmed by Marko Kharmyshev and edited by Marko and Lara.


Watch/Listen to #WeShallNotBeMoved and then download the Vote with Me app


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