Wix Website Examples to inspire your website design

A few examples of WIX websites we have built.

At Sugarbird Marketing, we truly enjoy building visually beautiful, message-driven websites on the Wix platform using Wix’s built-in website builder. Before we share a few Wix website examples, we’d like to give an overview of why Wix is increasingly our platform of choice for building new websites for our clients.

Firstly, we really appreciate the fact that the Wix website builder is a self-hosted platform. This means there is no need for our clients to buy hosting services from a 3 party. There is also no need to buy a separate website builder (like Divi from Elegant Themes), download and install WordPress, for example, into the hosting environment. The process of setting WordPress up and adding and managing a wide range of plug-ins is complex. Wix automatically adds an SSL certificate which also simplifies the setup and ongoing maintenance process. The process of getting a Wix website set up is straightforward – you don’t even have to have a Wix subscription.

Secondly, we choose the Wix website builder because it allows you to create visually beautiful websites with almost no constraints to the design process. Because Wix has a drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface, the process of creating even the most complex pages is quite straightforward. The biggest constraint is a limitation of imagination.

Wix also offers an extensive library of add-on capabilities that allows you to launch a new business supported by rich functionality without taking on the additional expense and complexity of custom coding. 

Our clients also appreciate the fact that the easy-to-use website builder interface makes it possible for them to make updates to their website themselves over time. No coding needed.


Before sharing a few Wix website examples that we built for clients, it is important to stress that a website is merely an empty container for content. The process of mechanically building the website is the least complex and least important part of the process. What is critical and more challenging is developing an overall strategy for your website and then creating a content plan that allows you to achieve your goals.

The process of creating content and translating it into a more visual format on a website is more of an art than a science, although there is some science involved.


We love supporting emerging businesses. Whidbey Farm and Market is the brainchild of two friends who are bringing their resources and talents together to create a farm market on Whidbey Island which is located north of Seattle in Washington State's Puget Sound. The Market, which opens officially on May 1, 2021, is sure to become a community hub over the coming months. Not only will the store sell pasture-raised beef and pork, but a wide range of other locally sourced foods, produce, flowers, crafts and home items. The Market will also be a weekend destination for islanders as well as visitors from the surrounding areas. Customers will enjoy live music, seasonal attractions, cooking demonstrations and more.

The new website is designed to drive awareness before and after the Market opens. We used Wix Menus to display beef and pork products that will soon be available at the store in an appealing way.

We also created a blog category called "recipes" to display recipes that make use of products that will be available at Whidbey Farm and Market.


We are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to build a Wix website for Marshall Law Band's project "12th & Pine." 12th & Pine is a project that includes an album, a documentary and a graphic novel. It was inspired by the band's experiences performing during Seattle's George Floyd Protests at the Capitol Hill Occupied Zone (CHAZ) in the summer of 2020.

Wix website examples Marshall Law Band

For this Wix website, we wanted to keep the design clean so that we could showcase the original art created for the project as well as the events that inspired the work. We also wanted to ensure that every song on the album was showcased - that's we we created a separate page for each song featuring snippets of song lyrics.

The Wix platform gave us all the tools we needed to create an inspiring experience that showcases the band's message.


Wix website examples On Safari Foods

For our next Wix website example, we turn to On Safari Foods, a catering company that specializes in providing sustainable food to businesses and consumers. A large part of the company’s business is in corporate food service. This involves preparing and delivery daily, weekly or intermittent free food at work for employees. On Safari Foods is also a high rate wedding and event caterer.

A number of years ago, the company invested in a template-driven WordPress website. Like many other businesses that went that route, the marketing team found that the website could not meet the company’s needs. The template severely constrained the ability to create pages that supported on Safari’s brand. Also, the nested navigation structure created user challenges as important content was hard to find.

Sugarbird Marketing built a new message-driven website for On Safari Foods using the Wix website builder. What makes this a great example of a Wix website is that we were able to create a beautiful site that showcases the company’s products – food – while supporting the customer journey. 

The new website’s homepage features beautiful food photography and clearly communicates the company’s value proposition to potential customers. This was the output of our value proposition discovery and brand messaging process.

Clients also get a preview of the latest news from the company right on the homepage. In the footer, they see links to important pages and can subscribe to the company’s newsletter.

Every page on the site has a call to action that allows clients to get in touch using their preferred channel – email, phone or a web form.

On Safari Foods’ business is very menu-driven. Wix allowed us to create a visually rich but easy to navigate page for each of the menus it offers.


Wix website examples King Youngblood

Building a website for an alt-rock band is a great opportunity to put a website platform through its paces and the new website we built for King Youngblood allowed us to do exactly that. King is a great Wix website example because it includes images, video and much more. Because of the dynamic nature of the music industry, the site’s homepage is frequently updated.