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Janinne Brunyee is the CEO of Sugarbird Marketing a purpose-driven marketing and communications firm that specializes in brand messaging, content marketing, website development and digital marketing solutions.

After graduating with an MBA from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Janinne moved to the US to start her professional career in technology marketing. After time spent at Concur Technologies and RealNetworks, Janinne worked as a consultant for a wide variety of groups at Microsoft and independent startups for more than 7 years. This allowed her to hone her skills in messaging, marketing strategy, and content development.

Four years ago, Janinne, in line with her personal values, shifted her focus to supporting organizations, for and not-for-profit, looking to make a social impact.  This is what inspires her today: Helping organizations bring big ideas to life.  Janinne’s work is enhanced by the steadfast presence of Mollie, a 34 pound labradoodle who is the real brain behind the business!


Learn more about Janinne Brunyee on LinkedIn.

Janinne Brunyee

Janinne Brunyee is the founder of Sugarbird Marketing, a purpose-driven marketing agency.

janinne brunyee Seattle Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing


Janinne Brunyee leads interactive workshops in public and private forums. She has presented at WeWork, Galvanize, ImpactHub and The Riveter.  Workshops typically run for 90 minutes to 2 hours and include an interactive exercise.


Contact us today to schedule a workshop for your team or event.

Brand Messaging Workshop Seattel Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing

How to craft powerful messaging for your organization

Developing messaging may be one of the most important foundational tasks your organization will ever take on. Why? Because messaging allows you to communicate the value of what you are delivering to each key audience, simply and clearly.


Your message allows you to answer the question why? Why should your audience care about the work you do? What transformation are you enabling for them? It also allows you to explain briefly how you are delivering value and what tangible results your audience can expect.

Developing a formalized messaging framework has many benefits. Most importantly, it drives downstream content creation. Your messaging framework serves as an essential foundation for all communications assets—from your collateral, web copy, email templates to your boilerplate, press releases, talking points and more. Not only does a messaging framework allow you to spin up content quickly, but it ensures that all content consistently communicates the value that your organization delivers.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn a tried and tested process for developing messaging that connects with heads and hearts to inspire your audience to act. Each person will have the opportunity to create a short elevator pitch for their organization using the principles covered in the session.

Storytelling Workshop Seattel Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing

Put your message to work with authentic storytelling

If your goal is deep and authentic engagement with customers (and other audiences) across all your channels and platforms, then storytelling should be part of your communications tool set. Why? Storytelling is about getting to the core of an organization’s value proposition and developing narratives that simply and compellingly relate “the story” to customers, prospects, investors, media, employees and others in a way that motivates them to act.


In this workshop you will learn why storytelling works. You will learn core storytelling methodologies and you will understand how you can use them to create a wide range of narrative-driven content including website copy, social media posts, customer presentations and more.

Content Marketing Workshop Seattel Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing

How to create a realistic and sustainable content marketing plan for your organization

Discover how content marketing can power your communications strategy. In this workshop, you will learn how to create and execute a message and story-driven content marketing strategy across all your platforms.


You will understand how to identify content themes that align with your audience’s decision-making process and then develop a wide range of content. We will explore how you can create content once and then optimize it for each of your channels.

Future narrative Workshop Seattel Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing

Creating a future-looking narrative that inspires action inside and outside your organization

If we cannot imagine the future, we cannot create it. This is the idea that support the process of building a future-looking narrative for your organization. Join us to learn about a process for creating an organization’s narrative, a consistent Storyline that increases employee and audience engagement and provides the context for strategic planning. The Storyline ensures that everyone has a shared vision of the present and the future and are working together to reinvent, restructure or reposition the organization. By focusing on the “why” of strategic planning, the Storyline inspires employees, beneficiaries, donors and partners to connect with the purpose of the organization and see themselves in the narrative.

Nelson Mandela inspires Seattle Marketing Agency Sugarbird Marketing


“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”


Nelson Mandela


As the media coordinator for the 2018 Seattle Women’s March, Janinne Brunyee acted as a spokesperson across a range of media channels.


“As the former CEO of a 100 person ad agency, I have worked with a lot of talented professionals. Janinne Brunyee is among the best…the ideal marketing partner who does her work with passion for her craft. It’s truly refreshing to work with someone who wants to create a final product that both she and the client can take pride in.”



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