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Media contact: Janinne Brunyee |

Two woman-owned Seattle marketing agencies team to help businesses prepare for success in 2021

Sugarbird Marketing and Carlson Marketing Group are offering a low-cost Marketing Assessment to help businesses optimize their marketing for 2021

Seattle WA | December 3, 2020: To support businesses as they navigate new realities created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, two Seattle-based marketing agencies, Sugarbird Marketing and Carlson Marketing Group, have come together to create a unique offer designed to help businesses of all sizes as they prepare for 2021.

“We know many businesses have had to make major changes in the way they operate to shift with the times we are in and stay afloat as they manage the impacts of the Coronavirus,” said Heidi Carlson, Founder of Carlson Marketing Group. “Oftentimes, this also means marketing materials and programs need to shift to remain relevant, impactful and current.”

Carlson teamed up with Sugarbird Marketing to create a low-cost Marketing Assessment offering to help companies during this volatile time. The assessment identifies changes businesses need to make across their marketing and sales tools to ensure they are set up for success in 2021. Priced at only $99 (valued at $1,200), the Marketing Assessment includes a review of up to 10 marketing tools, which can include a business’ website. “We then deliver a comprehensive set of marketing recommendations explaining which materials need attention, improvement and why,” Carlson said.

“Many companies have had to target a new audience, change the way they deliver their products/services, or develop a new product offering in response to this dramatically different business environment. This means they also must change the way they go to market,” said Janinne Brunyee, Founder of Sugarbird Marketing.

“Our goal is to provide an affordable and easy way for companies to identify the changes they need to make to support this new “normal” and help them put a plan in place to position them for success in 2021.”

Once a company purchases a Marketing Assessment, they receive a link to a short questionnaire. This helps Carlson and Brunyee determine which materials need to be assessed. “We then schedule a call with the business contact to get a deeper understanding of the current business environment and any challenges they may be facing. Upon review of the marketing materials, we deliver a comprehensive assessment with a set of recommendations,” said Carlson.

This partnership is an example of how companies are rising in the face of challenge. Heidi Carlson explained: “We recognize that we all do better when we help and support one another, and we can offer more when we team up together. That is why I reached out to Janinne. I was looking for another woman-owned marketing business I could partner with and even though, technically, we are competitors, I was thrilled when Janinne recognized that together we could be stronger and offer more to the business community.”

View the $99 Marketing Assessment Offer:


Media contact: Janinne Brunyee

Carlson Marketing is a Seattle-based marketing firm, offering custom, cost effective marketing services to fulfill any marketing need, from messaging, branding and websites to communications, social media, digital advertising and more.

Sugarbird Marketing is a purpose-driven Seattle marketing agency specializing in brand messaging, website development, content marketing, communications, and digital advertising solutions.

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