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Improve website visibility in organic search through content and site optimization

How to set your online business for success.

Improve website visibility

The Factory Luxe is a unique Seattle event space located in Seattle’s historic Rainier Brewery. The Sugarbird Marketing team began working with The Factory Luxe in July 2018 to improve its organic search presence and to support a site migration, including changes to the site’s design and UX, CMS, structure, content and keywords, etc.


Earlier in 2018, The Factory Luxe worked with a consultant to build a new website using a template. This site redesign resulted in a significant drop in The Factory Luxe’s ranking positions. The principles of SEO were not followed which negatively affected the brand’s search engine visibility. The result was a dramatic drop in traffic which meant that potential customers were not finding the brand organically.

Additionally, the Sugarbird Marketing team worked to streamline the brand’s messaging as the basis of their content marketing strategy. [/et_pb_text][


We worked with The Factory Luxe to develop a strategic approach to SEO, including content and website optimization.

Our goals were to design a visually beautiful and optimized website telling the company’s story to drive a strong traffic and allow for growth. When the client approached Sugarbird Marketing, they were looking for a website and content that would be completely SEO optimized to better rank the company in organic search and capture more qualified customers.

We worked to realize the following goals:

  1. Implement holistic SEO efforts to rank site higher and acquire more traffic through organic search results

  2. Implement SEO ranking factors to increase site visibility, organic traffic and overall ROI

  3. Streamline and optimize content to fully communicate The Factory Luxe team’s dedication to their customers and the uniqueness of their event space

  4. Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console to make sure the site is properly indexed and crawled by search engines

  5. Track success and campaign effectiveness

Project Overview


  1. Use SEO to help increase organic search visibility, traffic and conversions


  1. Support an SEO site migration, including design and UX, site structure, content and keyword strategy, etc.

  2. Content optimization including analyzing top keyword performance as the basis for a content marketing strategy

  3. Streamlining the brand’s messaging to differentiate from competitors


  1. Increase of new and highly qualified leads acquired through organic search

  2. Overall increase of organic search traffic


Our efforts always start with a content audit and keyword research to understand user intent. This process encompasses competitor research, understanding target audiences and users search intent. We use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to target search queries that have high search volume and low to medium competition levels. Once we have the search terms ready, we group them into themes.

To accomplish the goals we focused on implementing a number of SEO ranking factors.

  1. Optimized content with both the user’s intent and search engines in mind

  2. Optimized on-page content elements including page title, meta descriptions, URLs, page headings – organizing content into a clear hierarchy of titles, headings (h1, h2, h3, etc.), subheadings, body text, image alt attributes, metadata, etc.

  3. Adhered to the principles of UX design – good layout and design are not only SEO ranking factors, but can also help to improve site engagement, lead to more social shares and links pointing to your site as well as increase conversions. At Sugarbird Marketing we follow the latest UX best practices to achieve a clean, modern UX design with clear navigation and site structure, internal link structure and anchor text links, prominent call-to-action, especially those above the fold, readable text and page structure, user-friendly URLs, etc.

  4. Made sure site is crawlable and accessible to search engines by verifying the site with search engines and submitting a sitemap

  5. Made efforts to obtain relevant backlinks to the site to build both domain and page authority and to increase social sharing and following

  6. Tracked web analytics metrics like dwell time, bounce rate, time on site, most visited landing pages, goal conversion rates, higher CTR etc. to measure content effectiveness and make improvements when necessary.

Need help improving your website?

From conducting an on-page site SEO audit to content optimization based on the right keywords,  our experts are here to help you improve your site to delight and better engage with your customers online. We’d love to hear from you and tell you more about our services.


For the analyzed period – May 28, 2018 – Aug 31, 2018 and Sep 1, 2018 – Dec 5, 2018 the client’s overall business has picked up. We achieved the following results (see charts below):

  1. Increase of new and highly qualified leads acquired through organic search

  2. Overall increase of organic search traffic

  3. Organic search has become the best performing channel to attract visitors to the site

  4. Organic search delivered the highest number of sessions per user and led to the highest conversions


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